Monday, September 7, 2009

18 Years.

September 7th, 1991
Scrubbie & The Wife are hitched.
Heydee-ho Scrubs & Scrubettes! It's yer old pal Scrubbie here on a glorious day.
Golly gee... 18 years. Seriously. 18! And, that's just how long Scrub and the Wife have been hitched. We've been playmates for some 23 years.
So... today is our Annie.
Scrub might have mentioned this one or twice before... but, just in case some of ya'll are poppin' by for the first time... I'll just mention it again... The Wife - she 'da bomb.
There just ain't anyone else for Scrub. She's it.
Excuse me for a second here kids... Be right back.
Sweetheart... Nothin' makes me happier than being able to tell the world that I
am in love with you. Today... even more than yesterday. Happy
Anniversary darlin'. Scrub loves ya. Mwah!
For you readers, followers and lurkers - thanks for yer indulgance.

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!
Always & forever... I Love You

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Margaret said...

You are awesome, Scrubbie. Any wife would beam with happiness to hear her beloved go on about her like that. Keep up the good work.