Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Aftermath

Lord Gawd Almighty - knew this was comin'.

Howdy boys & girls. Yer ol' pal Scrub here doin' the ABC's tonight.

Sooooo... let's get the nasty stuff outa the way right off the git-go, shall we?

Sure - to the left here, there's some pics of the kid doin the "first day of school" thang. And, Scrub could (and lets face it... probably should) do the rather typical Back-To-School bit on the 'ol blog. Ya know - "oh my baby is growing up" and "look at him...awwwwww" type of thing.

And... to be a good pappy... Scrub should also say somethin' to the effect of "We're so proud of you son! You're growing up so fast" blah blah blah.


Scrub's not gonna do that. Not right now.

See... the nasty stuff, as previously mentioned, is more about the.... ummmmm... aftermath that Scrub's gotta deal with.

Yes - aftermath.

The Kid - all gloating and stuff.

The Wife - none too pleased. Nope - not one little bit. (not quite as upset though, as when hearing stories of other women who go into labour and give birth in a matter of hours, then moments later go skipping home as though nothing had happened. Not after her 3 days of screaming agony when the Kid was born. Bitches.) Whoops - that was a tangent.

The aftermath is a result of one of them thar pics on that magnificent display of photographs taken just days ago. Can you guess which one? Go on - give it a whirl.

Yep - you guessed it. It's that top one there. See? Top left. See? The one with the kid lookin all goofy. And the Wife. The one where THE KID IS TOWERING OVER HIS MOTHER.

The Kid... was in diapers only yesterday. The Kid... was all "mommy!" only yesterday. The Kid... was all baby chubby and baby smell... only yesterday.

The Kid... is not supposed to be towering over his mother. And, The Kid... is not supposed to be talkin' with a deep voice. And, The Kid... not supposed to be heading off to his Senior and final year of elementary school.

Nope - not one little bit.

So... as you can see kids... Scrub has aftermath to deal with. When the Wife saw that pic... she snapped.

By the way... Scrub will only be able to blog once a week from now on. The rest of the time... he'll be vistin' the Wife in the looney-bucket home.

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