Monday, September 14, 2009

I Can See For Miles and Miles and Miles.

There's an echo in here. in here. in here. in here.

Morning boys & girls. Yer old pal Scrub here this morning.

The Kid sauntered off to school. Scrub dropped the Wife off at school. And, now... Scrub has the igloo all to himself. Well - almost all to himself. The lunatic dog is here. But... really... she has already found her comfy spot on the sofa and is gettin her morning nap in early.

Gee willikers - it's quiet round these parts. Shhhhhh.... don't tell anybody - but - I LOVE IT!

Finally - can get all liquored up in the morning without having to listen to screaming and shouting. hehehe

So... it was a weekend filled with birthday times. As you recall, it was Mamma Scrub's 70th on Saturday. What I couldnt tell you before is we had a s'prise party for the ol dear. (Mamma Scrub does peek at the blog - but truthfully only comes for the pics. Despite the fact that she is Scrub's mommy - she doesnt read a damnd word here. So, I guess I could'a told you earlier - but that would have been the ONE time she actually does skim through the verse. No matter - I'm telling you now.)

Where was I? Oh ya... the s'prise party. So - ya... got the fam and friends together and we all shouted S'PRISE! And, all Mamma could say was "Oh Shit! Oh Shit! Oh Shit!" hehehe. Gawd love'er. Good times.

Yep - there'll be pics and more detail - but later.

To kick off the pic lineup though is this one of Scrubs Cuzin Dolphin and the Kid. Dolphin there - he's the hillbilly with family still livin in the mountains of West Virginia where they grill roadkill and have contests to see who can throw farm implements furthest down the hill. Oh ya - good times.

So - enough of the keyboardin... Scrub's gotta git to work here. They don't take buttons at the local trading post ya know.

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