Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love Scrubbie

There's no gettin' around it kids... Scrub loves his mommy. And, Mommy loves her Scrub. Yep.

Morning boys & girls - yer 'ol pal Scrubbie doin' the interweb blog thingy this morning.

So - did ya'll catch Big Brother last evening? Oh hell ya - the Wife and Scrub get the giggles over brain candy television like that. Sure - we do National Geographic, Documentaries and often take in the local news where they share stories of a family in the neighbourhood gettin' indoor plumbing for the first time... But, brain-mush TV is good for a popcorn night fer shure.

If you haven't seen it yet - ya'll might wanna scroll down cause Scrub's gonna spill the beans here.

JORDAN! are you kidding me? The Wife and me laughed our arses off last night. Mostly cause of the expressions on everyone else's faces. Well - good fer her. It was entertainment plus.

So - mentioned Mommy moments ago. She's a peach.

Just turned 70. Seriously. Lookin hot. Funny as hell. Ya - she's a goody alright.

Even with all the attention on the 'ol gal this past weekend with her s'prise party and all... Mommy still took a moment to share her feelings about her eldest.
Awwww... look at her.
Ain't that sweet.

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Kristine ♥ said...

Momma Scrubbie is gonna give your arse a spankin' for that one!! ROFL!!!