Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yesterday A Child Came Out To Wander...

Oh dear Lord - what have I done?

Evening boys & girls. Yer ol pal Scrub on the Toshiba ce soir.

Alrighty... so back when dinosaurs ruled the earth, and Scrub was a strapping young lad with but a few years under his belt, he was a... get ready for it.... Camp Counselor.

Go ahead - get yer giggles over with. I'll be here when ur done.

There. Back? Wiped the laughter tears from yer eyes? Ready to read on? Ok then... lets continue.

So, ya.... Camp Counselor.

Oh heavens to mergatroid... there ya go again with the giggles.

Anyway - it was the 80's. Mid 80's. Ya know... Flock of Seagulls hairdo's and all. I know - disturbing, isn't it. Blah, Blah, Blah... long time ago.

Never would I have thought back then - whilst romping around in our little communistic, utopian society there at camp - that at some point in the future... 24 years in the future to be exact... that Scrub would be headin' back there to kibbitz with some of the other whackballs that made that little piece of property home for a couple of months outa the year.

Oh - and not just a little visit, chit chat and cya later. Oh no. In for a penny, in for a pound, right? Scrub - and the other whackballs - it's a SLEEPOVER too! Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Oh Lordie. Now Scrub's gotta get the tissues out.

Holy crap. A sleepover too. Now - lets just be clear on all this shall we? As this is an all day Saturday event with sleepover to Sunday morning... here are a few of the tidbits Scrub has to look forward to:

- camp pottys

- melmac dishes

- fruit punch. warm.

- camp food. including, no doubt, mac & cheese, hot dogs, beans, and the like.

- songs - lots of 'em

- skits - which we will have to perform

- 'skeeters. oodles and oodles of skeeters.

- camp bunks... stacked one on top of t'other

Well - it'll be fun. I am sure of it.

Hmmm? what's that you ask? the fam? Yep - they're all invited. The Kid - he's comin. The camp will have staff there for the event that'll help with some of the younger and older offspring of all of us. The young'ens will be treated to some waterfront activities - canoeing and kayaking (mainstays of youth learning here in the Great White... in case yer wonderin') (that, and hockey) (which will be happening as well). They'll also get to do some archery (more Canuck learnin'. C'mon.. whaddya expect - we're hunters here in the Great White. Gotta be. Sometimes, it's forever and a day 'fore you get to a trading post by dogsled) Anyway - suffice to say, there's oodles for the little brats to be engaged in and with so us older folks can take in a few wobbly pops and shoot the shite about life ove the last quarter century. Frack.
The Wife? Oh hell no. Nope, the Wife ain't into the camp thing so much. She's got her own plans though. Scrapbookin'. Of course.

The pic? sure - lemme describe...
Scrub - there on the far left.
Next guy - cant remember. next - Long. He's a Toronto fella. next - Weav. guy in the white in the middle there - Logan. Had sex with anything that moved. Bear - next to him. Green shirt - Stef - new wavy to the core. darker green near the end - my namesake doppleganger and good guy. disturbed, but good guy. on the end in the traditional Canuck plaid lumberjack - he was the best man at Scrub and the Wife's wedding.
All the backs of heads in the foreground.... ya, have no idea. I think the one with the ribbon in her hair... she was snoggin' my namesake doppleganger. Oh the memories.

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