Thursday, September 24, 2009

The New Family Portrait

*sniff, *sniff. Can you smell that?

Howdy kids. Yer ol pal Scrubbie here - all sparkley clean and completely sanitized.

Now, don't panic. It aint H1N1. Or Swine Flu. Or whatever the hell ya wanna call it. But, it's a doozie - whatever it is. The Wife... poor thing... she's got a cold. Nasty little bugger too.

Scrub hopped in the go-kart and fetched from the local druggist a few of them modern pharmaceuticals so hopefully the 'ol gal will feel a bit better for bedtime.

Oh - that lovely smell I was mentioning... bleach. Oh ya baby. Scrub loves bleach.

I use the stuff most of the time - but when someone at the Scrub shack has got the sniffles - that's when it comes out in full force. Door handles. Taps and knobs. Countertops. Glassware. Cutlery. Toilets. You name it - it gets bleached. Sorta explains why the lunatic dog is so shining white, doesn't it?

Place smells like a swimmin' pool. hehehe. I love it.

So as the Wife ain't feeling good... instead of playing our usual Thursday night family game of rugby, the wife and me are just hangin out with the kid and we're taking in an episode of Survivor on the tube. Oodles of fun.

But - Survivor is done now and this old boy is whacked. The kid wants tucking in. Shure - he's almost a teen... but every now and then - he does enjoy bein tucked in with Tigger and his blankies so he's all cuddly-snuggly. Awwwwwwwww......

Oh - before I go... thought I'd show ya'll a wee family pic.

See - that's us. Ain't we just all that and more.


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CactusFreek said...

As far as stick figure families go, that's a good looking bunch!