Sunday, October 25, 2009

The One Handed Wonder

"No wait.... let me guess."

Evening Kids. Yer 'ol pal Scrub here.

Been a helluva weekend. Tell ya more laer.

First though - thought I'd close out the birthin' story with "the day after" note.

So - went to see the Kid as he is now a couple 'a hours old. I goes into the swaddlin' room and there before me are a few of these ooglie, wrinkly lumps. Oh - c'mon... don't be shocked... ya gotta agree that most newborns are pretty ooglie. Heads all wonky and such. Not ooglie enough to make ya wanna shove 'em back in. But, ya know what I mean.

Anyway - I goes in and says to the nurse "Hiya. I'm Scrubbie. Here to see the Kid."

"Sure" says the nurse. "Know which one is yours?"

"No. Wait... let me guess..." I says. So - I goes and takes a look. Well - damnd things all look the same. "Ya know.. it'd be a helluva lot easier if I could see the hands. Mine's only got one."

Anyway - got the kid - gave him a cuddle - and that was the first of many cuddles.

And... here we are... 13 years later. You'll agree... on one hand - 13 YEARS!!!! On the other hand - in a word: Whoosh.

Oh - was gonna write more kids -but Scrub's whacked tonight. It's been a helluva weekend and this old boy needs to do the feet up thing, the cuppa tea thing and the mindless TV thing.

Yep - world of zombie-vision... here I come.

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