Friday, January 23, 2009

Gigglin' but threatened.

On one hand, I am gigglin' my arse off. On the other hand, I am feeling terribly threatened. Let me explain.

Hey kids - Scrubbie here. Nice to see ya'll.

JR. Yep - this is a pic of the bro-in-law, JR. Good kid. Lov'em to death. Would do just 'bout anything for the guy.

So, JR and I go to the gym together. Ya know - little runnin' on the treadmill. Workout on the weights. That sorta stuff. We're both married. Both gotta stay buff. Whoop Whoop Whoop.

This week, JR and I ventured forth to the gym to do our thing. Got sweaty. Some chit chat. The usual. On the way out, stopped by the little cafe in the building to grab ourselves a deeelishush protein shake. (I know, I know... gym, protein shake... it's all so cliche.)

Anyway - protein shake. So - JR orders up his bevvy. I opt out. But, like a good bud - I hang out to continue to chat. Truth be told, JR was the transport for the day. Without him and his dog sled, Scrubbie wudda had to walk home. Blech.

So - we're there. Dude #1 is busily putting together 7 bucks wortha protein shake. Chocolate Banana. In case you were wondering. Dude #2 is behind the cash register.

It's Dude #2 that is one of the main characters in this tale. Arsty eyewear. Stripey fedora headwear. Well manicured fingers. Bit of a "swagger". And, a cadence and tone to his voice that is distinctly, ummmmm, feminine. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

A conversation begins.

Dude #2: "Did you guys just finish working out?"
JR: "yep"

Scrubbie, on the sidelines, smiles.

Scrubbie, seeing an opportunity, puts his two cents in.

Scrubbie: "Yep - and now have to protein up. Gotta look good." Scrubbie throws out his chest.
Dude #2 giggles

Awkward silence.

Dude #2 to JR: "That's a very nice ring you have on."
JR: "huh?
Dude #2: "That's a very nice ring you have on."
JR, looking down at his wedding ring: "Uh - oh - thanks."

Scrubbie, on the sidelines, smiles.

More awkward silence.

Dude #1 delivers 7 bucks worth of protein shake.

JR: "Thanks"
Dude #2: "Have a good day guys."

Scrubbie and JR make their way out of the building.

JR takes the lead. Scrubbie walks behind him, a few paces back. Smiling.

Nothing is spoken.

JR and Scrubbie are striding through the parking lot in silence.

The silence is broken by JR.




Scrubbie still hasn't spoken.


Ahhhh - I didn't even need to say anything. LOL.

Oh - don't be fooled. JR loves the attention. Let's face it, we boys ALL love the attention. LOLOL.

So - as you can see - Scrubbie is laughing his arse off.

But - I mentioned at the top of this posting that I was also feeling terribly threatened.

You see - How did Dude #2 know JR wasn't my HUSBAND????!!!!!!

HMPH. Scrub's gotta go give dude a beatin'.


Kristine said...

OMG I'm dying here!!! Too friggin' funny!!!!! Made my day Scrubbie with that story! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Scrubbie That would only happen to you too. my sons, my sons mamalou

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh my freakin' god Scrubbie, I am picking me self up off the floor DUDE!!! You are such a GREAT storyteller ya know and I've been missin' ya!

Well, off to play catch up after all of the computer woes that have been made right! WOO HOO!

Have a good one!

Bon Scrapatit,
Linda :)