Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A personal invitation.

Inspiring, wasn't it?

Hey kids - Scrubbie here. Ya, I caught a few moments of the new President of the Red, White and Blue being sworn in and his first remarks as Commander In Chief.

Whoops - time for a Scrubbie Aside. Excuse me a moment.

"Mr. President. Scrubbie here. Hey - congrats! Congrats to you, the wife, the kids. New pad. New job. Yikes - busy days, eh? So - I understand your first family road trip will be to the Great White North. Well, I tell ya, we are just as pleased as punch. Seriously. I am sure there are gonna be oodles of Canucks sayin so, but let me throw in my touque and say WELCOME to Canada, eh. Grab a Timmies, meet up with our big dude, Steve Harper, have a chat and make yourself at home. Canada is glad to have you as a neighbour and pal. And, if you and the wife are lookin for somethin' a little more down to earth - drop me a note. The Scrubbie fam would be only too happy to have ya'll over for a cuppa tea and a light lunch. I promise - Hurricane Rona wont be anywhere to be found. Cheers."

Ok kids - I'm back. Thanks.

So - to all our US pals - way to go kids. Personally, Scrubbie thinks ya'll did great and givin' Obama a promotion. Good call.

Finally - and in true All-Canadian fashion - let me take a moment to comment on the weather. HOLY FRACK! IT'S FRACKIN' COLD OUTSIDE! Geez.

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