Monday, January 19, 2009

Where's the Loo?

It's Obama-mania! Even up here in the Great White - everything on the tube is all about Obama. Everything in the paper is about Obama. And, everything on the radio is about Obama. I tell ya kids - this is a big thing!

I really do want to congratulate our neighbours to the South because tomorrow is a big day. It is a day that is truely ushering in change for the good 'ol U S of A. And, cause Scrubbie's gots cuzins and family who sport the Red White and Blue (as well as bein a Canuck - neighbours and friends of the States)... I am quite interested in the comin's and goin's of those south of the border.

Sadly - Scrub's gotta work tomorrow through the whole thing. But, as we all know, CNN has it's graphics ready and I am very sure that for the next 48 hours - they will be replaying every livin' moment of the historic event at regular intervals and, of course, with their analysts - they'll be scrutinizin' every sentence, every word and every syllable that anyone who is anyone says. I'll catch it later.

Seriously though - from all of us in the land of the Maple Leaf and the Beaver, Back Bacon and beer that really does taste like beer - Scrub wishes all his Yankee friends the very best. Congrats kids.

Scrubbie would have been there up on the podium with the wife and the kid - sharin' good times with Barack and Michelle and all... right in the thick of it... but like I said... gotta work tomorrow. And, to be honest - I am kinda glad I ain't gonna be there. Bein' in the spotlight like that - on stage and all - TV camera's everywhere - Secret Service all over me... just makes me gotta go pee. Hate that.

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