Friday, February 27, 2009

And we didn't even need Pepto Bismol.

So... You gotta ask yourself... "Do I feel lucky?"

Well... Do ya? Punk!

Grin. Heya boys & girls - Uncle Scrubbie at the keyboard once again.

C'mon - ya gotta love Clint as Dirty Harry! Well - at least us testosterones do. And, that's what Scrub's got on the tube tonight - some Dirty Harry. Fantastic! "The Dead Pool". I know - no the greatest of the Dirty Harry flicks - but, it's Clint with a big gun and good 'ol classic gunfire sounds on the soundtrack.

The wife took off tonight with gal pal Karen to git some stuff ready for another full day of Scrappin' tomorrow. The kid - hangin in the engine room. The kid downloaded some game and is in his glory right now. Lunatic dog - where else? Curled up on the couch with Daddy.

Scrubbie made Chocolate CupCakes for dessert tonight. OMG - they are deelish!

Hey - speakin of food. You'll never guess... ya'll recall our friend Hurricane? Well, Hurricane - when we first met the 'ol girl - used to use her oven as a place to store extra shoes. Kitchen cupboards - shoes. Pantry... yep... shoes. Fridge.... no, not shoes. That's silly. No, the fridge housed her phone book, instant coffee and coffee cream. Huh? Oh no - nothing else. Just that.

If you went to visit - had to be sure to bring somethin' along with ya if you didn't want coffee or wanted ANYTHING else. It was her way.

Then - out popped the kids. No, she didn't instantly become a morph of Martha Stewart and Julia Child. But, she did manage to figure out how to toast bagels. Ummm - not much else.

Gawd lov'er.

Anyway - point of all this... Hurricane - she don't really cook much. When she does - we are generally frightened.

But - oddly enough - The Wife, the kid and Scrub got invited to Hurricane's igloo yesterday for some grub. We accepted. (On the way - stopped at the local trading post to grab some grub to throw in the hot box - just in case.) Well - blow me down - if it wasn't deelishush! I know - couldn't believe it myself. Damn'd good!

Anyhoo - only 49 minutes till BattleStar Galactica! WoooHooo!

So - Scrub finally is doin some digiscrappin' again. Feels good. Haven't done the digi thing for a little while. (Been busy. Seriously. Ya'll know how it is here in the Great White - Whaling, Fishing, makin' Maple Syrup, brewin' beer. It's what we do.)

This dude. Wish I could remember his name. Larry. Or Gordon. Or somethin' like that.

Last summer, The Scrub Fam and the wife's gal pal Judy's fam (Hubby- the ear suckler, her two punk testosterone kids - BasketBall and FootBall) - we all went together for a summer vacation. Grand times. Buckets of fun.

On the way back to our respective igloos - we had to stop off to drop off trash. Can't just leave it lyin' round - bears and all. Anway - so on our way out - stopped off and found this fella keepin' vigil over the trash depot. Gotta check in with him prior to droppin' off. Gotta check out with him when leavin. The Wife and I got a'chattin' with him - and what a character! Old retired fella who has been in cottage country there forever and just loves hangin' out at the dump there. Particularly enjoys all the summer visitors to the area who get their giggles stoppin' to see the bears when they come out foraging round the garbage at 6pm like clockwork. We just had to snap a pic of this guy cause he just looked so - well - I dunno what. Sorta like a National Geographic photo, ain't it? hahahahaha.


3s_enough said...

Awesome layout! What a wonderful memory! Congrats on surviving Huricanes cooking!

Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie!

Missed hearing from ya! Steve will be pissed when he finds out he missed a Clint Eastwood for me I LURVE Steven Seagal. Just looking at him , you know, he will kill you dead....gawd lovem'...

Have a great weekend!