Monday, February 23, 2009

You want me to do what???

Oh - this should be hysterical.

Afternoon boys & girls - Scrubbie here, yet again! I know - a second posting in the same day. I am feeling guilty for not having bloggeroo'd the last few days. It's been busy 'round the igloo.

The wife, she was gone this weekend with gal pal Judy flogging their IN A PINCH DESIGNS Scrappin' Kits. I took advantage of the time to do a blast through the igloo and fill up 8 garbage bags of stuff. Can't tell ya what's in them though - not until Wednesday. Wednesday is garbage day here. Better off for everyone involved if the contents of the black bags remain a secret.

Then, there was laundry. Sheesh. Ok - so everyone's arch nemesis in laundry is socks, right? I am sure you are all noddin' in agreement. 4 pairs go in - 3 pairs and a single come out. Where the hell does it go? I dunno. Then, as a matter of course, the kid and I wear our socks till the space occupied by holes is greater than the space occupied by fabric. So - this weekend, Scrubbie ran round the igloo and grabbed every sock he could find - even clean ones - and seperated them out - white and dark. Then, washed 'em. All of 'em. Then - did a "match 'em up" game. For every pair I found - a sip of Crown. It was a fun game. Really fun. REALLY fun.
Then - the leftovers and those that have been blessed by the clergy (holy. get it... holy?) - toss'd 'em out. Gone. Done. Finally. Ahhh - felt good.

Hoovered the floors. Washed the dishes. Scrubbed the joint down. Yes - it was a full full Saturday.

Had the Bro-In-Law and his punk Whoagun sleep over Saturday night. Ya see - their punk girly Dancer - turned 9 - and it was pawwwty time at JR's place. 9 little girls. One stressed mommy. Monster In Law and overbearing Sis-In-Law - all under one roof. Scrubbie felt sorry for 'em - so had those with a penis (giggle) hang out at the Scrub pad. Pizza for dinner. Hours of Wii gaming. Hockey game. Movie. Yep - life is good. In the morn - bacon and eggs, Froot Loops, coffee coffee and more coffee. And, like a good guest - JR and his punk kid buggered off nice 'n early.

Anyway - on to the reason for the posting. (I just wanted you to know that I wasn't sittin' on my arse the whole time thinking about, but not actually blogging.)


Bwaaa-haa-haa! I know! Hysterical, ain't it. Scrub's gonna go do some Yoga. Tomorrow. With the Bro-in-Law at the gym. Oh my goodness. Just catchin' my breath here after that giggle.

Ya, the the Bro-In-Law, JR, - he's gonna do a cycling class with Naked Guy as the instructor.

(excuse me for a second... Bwaaaaa-haaa-haaaa!) OH goodness, again. hehehe. Hard to type here with the tears in my eyes.

So - yes - yoga. After the cycling class, we are gonna give a Yoga class a whirl.

Scrub's gotta go and git him some of them thar skimpy tight things I guess. Ya know - the ones that display one's religion. Ohhhh - well, maybe not. I look fabulous, but I'd hate to make the other fellas jealous or git some of the girls fallin for me. Quite happy with the Wife.

Ummmm - ya - we won't be doin' THIS.

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