Saturday, February 7, 2009

Social Comradery

Jobs that suck. I know -it's a rather blunt statement.

Morning boys & girls - Scrubbie here.

Yes - there are oodles of jobs that are way way up there on the "I wuddn't wanna do that job" list. I won't name them all - you know what they are.

I had to quit one job once a long while back cause I was asked to stack and shelf *gulp* feminine hygiene products. EEEEEWWWWW. I know - lame. But - gals - you gotta understand, for us boys - that is most certainly in the top 10 of things we fellas don't wanna do - that and havin' the doctor do the finger thing goin' in the out door. Know what I mean?

Still - that was before Scrub and the wife jumped the broom; got hitched; tied the knot. Since then - Scrub has learned to cope with goin to the trading post to pick up 'supplies'. Heck - for that matter, he's changed nuclear diapers. Been pee'd on (and not in the sexy way either... that kid of ours - he was a sure shot each and every time Scrub was on diaper duty). Even had to deal with the lunatic dogs various bodily functions.

Then, there are just regular everyday ordinary things that ya gotta do that, even though they don't deal with bodily functions and such, still - are kinda on the "Frack- gotta do that job now" side.

Take for example, this poor bugger.

Some of you readers who have set up camp somewhere's closer to the equator may not realize this, but here in the Great White - we all gotta do this.

Shovelling the rooftops of our igloos.

Bad enough we gotta shovel the sled trails just to get to the local trading post to swap skins and oils. But, we also gotta head up top to keep the fluffy white to a minimum just so the roof don't fall on us.


Still - there is some good that comes out of all this.

This was yet another of those situations where all the boys with igloos on our little street came out to watch the fella up there on the roof doin' his thing. Huh? Oh - no. We don't help. Just watch.

We were all out there. Some with coffee in hand. One fella had a wobbly pop. (That's beer, in case ya didn't know). Hell - I had my camera.

It was a good 40 mins of social testosterone comradery.

Not a "keep out the men" fence in sight.

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Judy B said...

Too funny Darren.. Left you an award on my blog.Go take a look!!