Sunday, February 1, 2009

Get ready to be freaked out! Two items of note today. Aren't ya'll the lucky ones!

And on the 7th day, he surveyed what he had done and said "Frack - that aint too shabby." (or somethin' to that effect). Then he kicked back and watched the Superbowl.

Good mornin' boys & girls. It's yer Uncle Scrubbie here. Happy Sunday. Happy February. Happy Superbowl. All you Steelers fans - get ready to WoooHooo. All you Cardinals fans - I am feelin' sorry for ya already. Good effort though.

Kids - guess what? As you already know, it is my goal to take over the world. Well - I am just delighted to tell you that Scrub's got a new follower. Stefen. A guy! A scrapbooker! No kiddin'! Over there on the right somewhere is the Blog Follower thingy - his mug is on there - click away - go check it out. I did. Dude is a wealth of info for the Scrapper out there. Excuse me kids - time for a Scrubbie Aside:

Stefen - dude! Welcome aboard. Can't tell ya how nice it is to have a fella around. Not sure if you have had a chance to catch up on all the latest - but Scrub's gotta know (as does Wenchie ( and her beau Steve) - what are you thoughts on Knight Rider? Pretty frackin' awesome, huh?
Ok kids - I'm back. Thanks.

So - I gotta share a little somethin' somethin' with ya. Scrubbie was a good boy. He was treated BIG TIME by the wife! It was hot! Saucey! And afterwards - I really really just wanted to go to sleep. Huh? Oh my gawd - you people are filthy! No - it isn't THAT. The wife - SHE COOKED!


The wife, Gawd love'r, she doesn't really cook much. It's not that she doesn't like to. She is just more of a crafter than a cooker. I think if dinner prep involved a Pazzles cutter machine to create kewl shaped chicken breasts, the kid and I would probably be treated to her delicate hands on our daily grub a little more often.

I'd be showing you a picture of the Spaghetti Casserole that she made (that, incidentally was deeeelishush) - but, as you can imagine - the kid and I were just so agog, gobsmacked, freaked out - that Scrubbie simply forgot to fire up the digicam.

So - missed the opportunity to show you the wife's January 2009 cooking effort - but, not to worry... it's now February and there is a pretty good chance she'll decide to whip somethin up this month as well. I'll snap a pic for ya then.


Kristine said...

Mornin' Scrubbie!!!
Just checkin' out Stefan's blog now!!! Go you!!! (although I must admit your last two posts made me spit out my Timmy Whore's all over my igloo. bwhaha)

Any chance you can butter up Mrs Scrubbie for the casserole recipe? It sounds yummy and sounds like something my buncha rednecks might actually eat without covering it in ketchup.

Have a killer Super Bowl Sunday!!! Poor Steve has to work tonight...the steel industry won't stop so he can eat his weight in wings and beer...poor bugger. LOL

Anonymous said...

Geez Mr Scrubbie You make it sound like I never taught your wife how to cook with bisquick, kraft dinner and a can opener mamalou