Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sweet Sounds and Sweet Sights

Hey kids - Scrub again. It's a lazy Sunday 'round the Scrub Shack.

Laundry. Gots a chunk of meat in the hot box in prep for the Sunday Family Dinner. Old flicks on the tube.

The kid - stayed at Bing and Bong's last night. Again. And, it at this very moment crashed out on the couch on the lower level of the igloo.

The wife - sauntered off to meet a couple 'a gal pals from High School days. One of them - genuine Canadian Forces. The other - RIM exec.

So - was fartin around with a bit more digi-scrap stuff and had another pic from Jazz Fest.

Ain't she just gorgeous.

Ya, I know.

So - time to bugger off once again. Gotta tend to the meat in the hotbox. Sort *gulp* socks. Socks suck.

Scrub thinks this lazy Sunday deserves a wee drop of the hooch.


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