Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another of Scrub's Fav Fives

"Honey! Where's my Metformin?"

Hey kids - tiz your 'ol pal Scrubbie here.

My goodness... ya'll gots one of these where you live? A Dairy Queen? (NO - not some woman magnate in the milk industry... geez.)

Well - we here in North America - we gots lots of 'em. Been around for a while too. 'Course in the Great White - there are quite a few of them closed up during the snowy seasons. I dunno - seems as though alot of us Canucks are just not in the mood for icy cold treats when it is negative 400 degrees outside.

But, when the 'ol DQ is open - geez louise... we go lining up.

The DQ is an evil place for diabetics. You can always tell the diabetics too. They are the ones that either go in with a mask on just in case we're spotted and get the lecture on managing blood sugar, or they are the ones that start yawning instantly after finishing off their sinful treat. You'll often find us hiding in the bathroom scarfing down our metformin tablets in order to keep the numbers from reaching into the high double-digits. (Ya - in the Great White, we measure BG levels a little differently than our neighboureeno's to the south.)

Anyway - The DQ.

So - Scrub has decided to share his fav five DQ treats with ya. Ready? Ok... here they are:

#5 - The Banana Split. Oh joyous mounds of soft-serve ice cream with multiple flavours dripping down your mountainous heaps - how do I love thee?

#4 - The Banana Split Blizzard - Bit of a cheat - I know. It's a Banana Split thrown in a blender for 6 seconds.

#3 - A chocolate cherry sundae - the kids behind the counter have a bit of a fit if I order this. See... it's not actually on the menu. I usually end up having to explain to them how to make it. "You make a chocolate sundae and put a scoop of cherry topping on it". Usually solicits some kind of blank stare. I order this as much for the entertainment as the taste.

#2 - The chocolate dipped cone - Pure, simple - nothin' beats it. That soft ice cream with that chocolate coating on it - mmmm... deelishshus.

And... My #1 fav treat at DQ is...

A Pineapple Milkshake. I tell ya kids - if there is one thing that screams summertime to me - it is the taste of a pineapple milkshake.

Lets close this posting with a little prayer, shall we?

"Dear Lord... It is yer old pal Scrub here. How you doin? Hey - Lord... Seriously... Thanks for Pineapple Milkshakes. Well - thanks for pineapples and ice cream and cows for milk and stuff. Lord - Pineapple Milkshakes, Beavers, Trees, Flowers - all great ideas. Cheers."

And - Amen to that.

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