Saturday, August 29, 2009

$25 bucks for an hour with a tramp.

Large Double Double please. And, a chair.

Evening boys & girls. Yer old pal Scrub here at the laptop on a Saturday night.

Sure, the wife and I could be out wing-dinging it... but, here in Scrub's part of the Great White - Summer has called it quits for the year. I mean.. Geez Louise.. it's frackin' cold out.

So... our son, the kid, goes trampin' once a week. Huh? Oh - good heavens. Ya'll are filthy. No No - that THAT kinda trampin'. (Although some of these 13 and 14 yr old skanky girls that are creepin' into our lives "might" qualify...)

No - the wife and me signed the kid up in this gymnastics class thingy. Well - not full gymnastics. Ya gotta remember - our kid is the "one-handed wonder". So... that makes stuff like swingin' on the uneven bars... ummm... kinda challenging. But - when it comes to the trampoline... no problem.

This summer, the kid started doin' these whackball flips and stuff on the home version of a trampoline... so the wife and me thought it might be a good idea to throw the child into some kinda structured class and learn somethin'. Ya know - safe stuff. Know what I mean?

Anyway - every week for the past few, we have been truckin on down to a nearby burb - well, not quite nearby - in fact, with all 3 of us flappin' our arms wildly out the windows of the go-kart for maximum speed - it's still a good 45 minutes away. But - it's the only burb anywheres close to the Scrub Shack that offers up some semi-pro coaching for younglings who wanna bounce on a trampoline.

Oh... first.... ya'll recall Scrub sharing with you the Great White's fav watering hole... Tim Hortons, right? We red & whites affectionaly call it simply "Timmies". We have one on every corner. Seriously. I some places, you can grab yer large double double coffee, stand outside, look down the street and see the sign for the next one. No kidding.

Anyway - every week when we go trampin'... ( oh, now you have got me thinkin dirty thoughts sayin that. Trampin'. Sheesh.) So, every week when we go trampin' - we have to pass... well... oodles of Timmies restaurants. Simply oodles of them.

But - there's one in particular. Close to the trampin' place. This one Timmies... every week... there's a group of folk that I suppose have formed their own little club of sorts. It's "their" meeting spot. It's their place to hang. It's their place to kick back and share a giggle or two with their chums. Bully for them.

However - you'd think they'd go for somethin a little more comfy instead of just whippin out the lawn chairs and setting up shop in the parking lot, wouldn't ya? Gawd love'em.

For all you readin' from places other than the Great White - we Canucks... this is what we do. Yep - we're a laid back bunch, with a thang for Timmies coffee, and we're ready to git a coffee clutch set up whereever and whenever.

It's been a couple hours since my last injection of caffeine... think I'm due.

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