Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Love Thursdays. So Fresh and Clean.

Yo! Yo! Oh - and that doesn't refer to the kewl toy that goes up and down a string.

Hey kids - Scrub at the keyboard. Whassup?

No - it's not the toy. It IS, apparently, the preferred method of greeting one's parents however.

Yes - we'll be putting a stop to that in short order. Sheesh.

So - ya'll remember that cute little fart that was The Kid?
Awwww - look at him!

Oh - don't be jealous. Chalk it up to remarkable DNA and a good shot of tequila. (And a smokin hot woman who is quite simply mommy-licious).
Anyway - that was last years Back-To-School shopping adventure.
The Kid - well, as regular Scrub's will know... things have changed a wee bit over the past summer. The kid - ummmm... grown up a little.

This year's bank-account-drain... whoops, I mean Back-To-School shopping, took place yesterday.
Well - some of it did.

Scrub's still gotta hit the local trading post and swap some skins, and his right arm, for some of the basics still. Ya know - socks, underwear... that kinda stuff.

Apparently the local family and childrens services office will throw both Scrub and The Wife in jail and place the Kid with some other poor sap if the wee fella should land in hospital and they cut off his jeans with scissors and find a pair of gotchies that are in less than pristine condition.

According to the wife anyway.

Reminds me... it's Thursday.

Time to turn mine inside out.

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