Wednesday, August 26, 2009

65 Front Street West

Area code 416? Are you kidding me?

Well howdy Scrublings. Yer old pal Scrub here this mornin'.

So - the kid and I hopped in the go-kart yesterday to pick up our dear friend Hurricane's offspring yesterday after a short trip back to the land of the French here in the Great White.

Took a little trip to the big smoke - Toronto. Found a parking spot (surprise, surprise) and took the kid for a tour of Union Station and the surrounding area.

We were there late afternoon - which means that 1.5 million people were bustling around and making their way through the station - connecting on trains, transit and just general bustle through the downtown core of Canada's humungousest city.

The eyes - sparkly and glowing. The blood - pumping. The imagination - firing.

So, I asked the kid - "could you live here?"

"Oh ya!" he says... "I'm home".


The wife and me - nah, we don't have a problem with the kid picking up and plunking down somewhere's other than next door to the Scrub Shack at some point in his life. But - the point here is... it has become even more apparent that despite the fact that 3 and a half minutes of fun some 13 years ago and a serious investment of time and money since... the kid is growin' up and will, in fact, at some point, regardless how much we balk, will... *gulp... no longer be under our control.

(there's that control issue again. damn'd penis.)

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Anonymous said...

My Dearest Scrubbie its your MommaLou here I do so enjoy your comments but look what you have to look forward to as the years roll by so very quickly Dr's appointments, checkups on parts you didn't even no you had, canes, walkers, instead of looking up for the latest in new cars etc your looking up for the latest in scooters and handles to get in and out of the shower but hey life is grand and i'm soooo happy to be here so I can read your wonderful blog that brings back so many happy and funny memories of raising a daughter and son Thank you Luv