Friday, August 14, 2009

A Glass of Water

Take two and call me in the morning.

A rather exhausted Scrubbie here at the QWERTY this morning kids. How ya'll doin?

Exhausted from yet another day at the Great White playground Canada's Wonderland. Sheesh! This time - went along with Hurricane and her two boys, D and H2. You remember Hurricane, right? No insurance company would dare touch her? Yep - that's the one. Well - the kid, D and H2 just had buckets of fun. Got a few pics. Not on here yet. I am sure sometime soon. Ya'll know me and Digi-scrappin', right? Pic today, layout - well... layout 'sometime' in the future.

No - no Wonderland pics today.

Instead... Scrub just needs to relax. Huh? Oh - "why" you ask? Well - lets not forget that Scrub's bones have seen a good number of years on the planet. And, ya'll know what it's like when ya own a go-kart. If the warranty expires on June the 12th... on June 13th, the muffler falls off, the tranny blows, rust that was not there previously magically pops it's way forward, and that snotty-nosed brat that lives three doors down has an insatiable urge to see how many marshmallows he can stuff down your fuel tank port.

And, while we're not forgetting that Scrub's bones have seen one or two thousand KM's (miles for you imperial types) (and by imperial - I refer, of course, to the other system of measurement. Not implying that you are guys or gals dressed in white plastic, carrying laser guns and referred to lovingly as StormTroopers by your family and friends that are also ultra-geeky Star Wars fans. Clear? Good.)

Where was I?

Oh ya - bones... thousands of KM's... exhausted... right. So - remembering the bones. And, also remembering that Scrub went to Canada's Wonderland yesterday. And, while remembering these... also taking into account that Scrub was along for the ride with the kid, D and H2 - all young testosterones that have metabolisms like small nuclear facilities. Gettin' the picture?

All I can say is that quite late last evening. Oh... say 3:10am... Scrubbie, quite carefully, got on his knees and thanked the almighty Scrub in the sky for giving mankind, as a whole, the wisdom and knowledge to invent Tylenol 3's stuffed to the brim with codeine. And, Peanut Butter. Thanked Him for peanut butter. Not that Tylenol 3's have peanut butter in them.

That's just weird.

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