Monday, August 10, 2009

The Things You Find on Facebook

Oh the humanity!

Scrubs, Scrubettes... it's a rather immasculated Scrubbie here bangin' on the laptop tonight.

First - I gotta tell ya. As ya'll may know - the wife and me gots ourselves a youngin'. He's 12. We call him The Kid. Sure, we call him other things as well. In fact, some of those things I cant even type here on the interweb in case the space cops come and spank me.

And, the Kid - for the most part - has been a "fly under the radar" kinda kid. Ya know - likes hangin at home with the Wife and Scrub. Plays on the computer. Video games. Blah blah blah. Typical kid.

Well - just a couple of weeks ago - at the end of school and as the summer kicks off - some kinda switch went off.

All of a sudden - whoosh! The social butterfly in him comes out. And - the fairer sex... ummm... well.... in a word.... Kaboom. Ya - that's a good word. Kaboom.

So - the kid gets out into the world and has scored up a few new friends that are... ummmm.... girls.

Just a few years ago - round here in the Great White - there came along this invention that allows for two way instant communication. Huh? No - No - not MSN. Hmmm? Nope - not Skype. It's this thing called the telephone. And, believe it or not - Scrub gots one.

Fantastic thing.

Anyway - until a couple of weeks ago - the telephone at our place was pretty quiet. The odd ring or two. usually Mamma Scrub or the out-laws callin' to check on the wife and me. Simple regular stuff, ya know?

Well... like I said... until a couple of weeks ago - the telephone at our place was pretty quiet. Then... (and forgive me for using this word twice in the same post)... Kaboom. I mean - seriously. The damnd thing never stops.

And, when the wife and me pick up the telephone to greet the caller - invariably on the other end of the horn is some giggling twinkette. "Ummmm - hello..... is The Kid there?"

Ohmygawd - all hours - all the time. The wife and me put the kybosh on the calls after 10pm pretty quick. After all - we're old. We go to sleep at 8pm. Then get up to pee 15 hundred times. But - that's another post.

So... Immasculated. I did mention that, right? Maybe that's not the right word. Maybe it is.

Anyway - the kid... in one of his adventures over to his new twinkette friends' place... well.... ummm... was... ummm....well... the pic says it all.

All he said was "they attacked me".

Oh... and the answer is YES. Found these on Facebook.

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