Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boo. Analyzed.


Good morning one and all. Yer 'ol pal *yawn* Scrub here.

Boo could be the beginning of a teary session... when combined with 'Hoo'.

Boo could be the supporting little girl character from the movie 'Monsters Inc.'

Boo could also the word the wife uses when calling out to Scrubbie to collect and destroy some nasty bugger of a bug that is threatening the Wife's very existence. Well - it tends to be more like "BOO!!!"

However... today the word Boo is a quick little reference to Halloween. Ya know... Boo.... as in "Oh - that is scary-boo!"

That wonderful pagan event is creeping up up on us once again.

The Wife and me - we're kinda hoping for a rerun of last year.

Last year - our good pal Hurricane came over. You remember Hurricane, right? Locks herself IN a car? (I know - still cant get that wrapped around your brain, right? Welcome to our lives). Anyway... Hurricane came over and we three plunked ourselves down in some comfy lawn chairs outside cause it was nice out. Had ourselves a wee cocktail. And the brats coming to snarf themselves some sugar just came up to see us in our chairs - we handed out packets of sugar - and they went on their way. The point is - it was nice enough that evening to enjoy the whole thing outdoors.

And whilst outdoors basking in the Scary-Boo-ness of it all... Scrubs' wee nephew and neice came over.

There they are... Whoagun and Dancer. All tarted up. Cute, eh?

Soooo..... morning at the igloo here. Wife - still with the Joodster. Kid - still at Bing and Bongs'. Lunatic Dog - still curled up. Yep. Have made real progress.

Ahhhh - I love Saturdays.

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