Saturday, October 3, 2009


Kill the MP3's and turn up your speakers.

Hi there boys & girls. Yer 'ol pally-boy Scrub here. How ya'll doin?

Ok - so speakers are turned up? Good. Now listen.

Shhhhh - listen carefully.

Hear that?

That, my friends, is the sound of Scrub all by his lonesome on a Friday night.

See... the Wife - she's with her gal pal the Joodster at a Scrappy retreat tonight. They are flogging their Scrappin' kits to a buncha gals who are croppin' en masse this weekend.

The kid - sleepin' over at Bing and Bong's tonight.

Lunatic Dog - well, she has snuggled herself up all cozy like on the kid's bunk.

So - what does Scrub do on a Friday night when he gots the place to himself.

Option 1: call up a few buds. throw a few wobbly pops on ice. pull out a deck of cards. clear the table. And - git a raucus game of poker going complete with cigars, pretzels and chips. All while regailing tales of sexual conquest.

Option 2: screw the buds. get on the horn and invite a few gals over and whoop-dee-doo.

Option 3: eat a bowl of frosted flakes. pour a rye and coke. watch The Matrix in comfie jammie pants. And, do a little digiscrappin.


Ok - so the frosted flakes were a wonderful moment of diabetic naughtiness. The rye is oh-so-good. The fight scene in the lobby when Neo and Trinity are going to rescue Morpheus is rockin'. And, here's the page:

So. There it is. Friday night.

Have mentioned this before - but just in case there's a newbie floatin' around somewhere... important to know that we Canucks only really discuss a few different things. Hockey. What we take in our Timmie's coffee. And, of course, the weather.

Our pals in the western part of the country are enjoyin snow. And, here in Scrub's neck of the woods - we are enjoyin frosty mornings, very wet days and ultra chilly nights. In a word: Brrrrrrr.

I tell ya boys & girls... Scrub knows there's a few of ya comin' from warmer clime's where a chilly day means you have to ditch the thong for the beach that day and turn to something more like a half-suit for swimmin'. Uh-huh. Don't know what yer missin'.

mmmmm.... rye #2 is just as good as rye #1. Equally delicious, as a matter of fact.

Delicious. That word reminds me oh so much of yet another in the cast of characters that makes up the life of Scrubbie. In a not too distant future post - I'll have to introduce you to HOOPS.

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