Monday, October 19, 2009

Uhhhh - What's yer name?

"Please Sir, may I have some more?"

Morning kids - tiz Scrubbie here at the keyboard this morning. How are ya'll?

Oh - remember that line from "Oliver!" - then Mr. Bumble says "WHAT? MORE?" hehe - oh ya, I remember that well.

That's kinda how I feel today.

See - as you know, Scrub does this charitable organization thingy. And, being as there really isn't a magic money tree (damnit) - we have to go and ask for a few dollars here and there in order to do things for the kiddies around the community.

Well - today is one of those days that Scrub has to go in front of some folk that have cheque signing on their minds and tell them why it's a great idea of sign one of those cheques for this particular charity.

Oh sure - sounds easy. But - Scrub's never really done that before - so he is, well, ummm... kind nervous about it all. Specially since Scrub's goin in askin for more than 10 bucks. Lots more.

But - I'll just throw on extra underarm stuff, make sure the 'ol adult diaper is clean and head on in. Wish me luck. Oh - and make sure the ice cube tray is full, cause Scrub's gonna need a bevvy afterwards.

Hey - did I mention that Scrub's pappy is back from from the Health Hilton? Yep - home, safe and sound. Feelin' pretty good. Everything is back to normal.

Well - as normal as it gets 'round here.

And - bein as digiscrappin has been fast and furious these last few days - here's another little somethin' somethin'.

It's a few of the fam. Not all of 'em.

The Wife aint in the pic. She was hacking up a lung that day.

But - Cuzin Dolphin is in there. His folks - Uncle John (everyone has an Uncle John it seems) (oh - and it's HIS family that are the country bumpkin folk from the hills of West Virginny.) (don't take offense to that remark. he sure doesn't. self described, as a matter of fact) (oh - and for anyone from West Virginny who may be browsing the 'ol Scrubberoo today - here's a little evidence of Uncle John's origins - as heard in this phrase: "Lord willin' and the creek don't rise!" Sound familiar?)

Ummmmm - where was I? Oh ya - the fam. So - Uncle John, Auntie Jen (Scrub's mental connection), The Kid is there. So is Scrubby Mom and Scrubby Pop. Hey - off to the right - that's Scrub's baby bro. I don't quite know what to call him. Not yet anyway.

I'll have to come up with something.

That can be shared on the interweb.


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