Sunday, October 18, 2009

Scrubbie Shares - Tool Time

Morning Boys & Girls! It's your 'ol pal Scrubbie here on a frosty, chilly, sunny Sunday morning in the Great White North.

Alrighty - so it's time for another edition of Scrubbie Shares. And, Scrub has a freebie for ya and yer digiscrappin' pleasure.

Ya'll recall a while back, Scrub told ya about a nasty bit of business at the Scrub Shack? Few years back there was this, ummmm, fire. Big one. And, the Scrub Schack went bye-bye. All of it.

Anyway... long story made short... the Wife and me were able to dig out a few of the Scrappy layouts we had made over time that were all mangled and nasty lookin. And, through the miracle of photoshop and Crown Royal, Scrub's been mucking around with them to bring 'em back to life electronically. Kewl, eh?

Here - take a look. Little before and after for ya.

Not quite identical - but that first one did survive a million gallons of water, fire supression foam and the ravages of time. (Remember - Scrub's an old fart and the page was done with *gulp* paper about a hundred years ago)

Anyway - there's been some nice comments about Tool Time - so thought it'd be fun to do a little quickpage for ya. It's the Tool Time page - without the Kid in it. haha.

You know the drill - download, insert your pic and take all the credit yourself.

Oh - and as usual - my Terms of Use: Only use when enjoying a cool, refreshing beverage. Ummmm - that's about it.

So, without further ado... you can get the DOWNLOAD GIGGLES HERE!

Who loves ya? SCRUBBIE!

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