Thursday, August 14, 2008

Darn'd Micro Popcorn

Ya - that microwave popcorn. Sheesh - took 3 go's tonight just to get some that went right. I think I'm going to call that 800 number on the box and see what happens. Oh well - it's popcorn and not the end of the world, right.

Went out tonight - did a Geocache with the fam. Even took the lunatic dog with us. Except for the skeeters - was a grand time. Found it too. Have to snatch the pics of the camera - maybe will do that tonight. I want to scrap those - not sure what to do with them yet. But - hang tight - it'll get up here sooner or later.

First dry day in a while - so, went out and cut the grass. Did two lawns actually. Always do two lawns actually. My neighbour is a wonderful older lady and she's not really up to cutting grass and such - so, while doing 1, just do 2. Easy enough.

The kid was gone all day, and Wife was home with me. It was pretty quiet around here for a change. Wife was scrappin' on her side of the room and I was working on my computer. All this digi scrappin' stuff sure sucks up the space on the harddrive. Anyway - little housework on the puter and things seem to be running a little smoother.

Wife and I are watching the Olympics tonight after our sojourn out. She's asking if I am writing about her. "Of course I am sweetheart!" (did you all oooo and ahhhh at the new banner she whipped up for me? It's great, ain't it!)

I asked the kid which layout to put up on the blog tonight - he made his pick.

Pics are from our family photo shoot we did in June. The hat is killer, huh. He found it at the store and thought it'd be "cool" - wore it to school and everything. He was the talk of the ankle biters.

I'm posting a second layout tonight. On this one, I mucked around with the photo a bit and I think it turned out pretty good. I like looking at it. Hope you like it too.

Hey - Boxers or Briefs? Vote in my poll. Thanks.

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