Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today I am a Geek.

Evenin' boys & girls,

Work day today. Lots of it too. I spend a good deal of the day on the telephone which makes your ear go all sweaty. Blech. Should have used my headset today. Didn't feel like it though. Sometimes you just have those days - know what I mean?

Then, tonight - I had to reformat WIFE's computer. Wiped it clean, I did. Whoosh. Just like that - it was empty and crying out for input. Hehehe - I was all powerful at that moment. Anyway - zip-boom-baa - and it was all done. Now - for a shot of Rye whisky. mmm - nectar of the gods that is.

But, before I slip off into the land of Crown Royal - I wanted to bring you a note about breaking the rules. Why? Well - why not! Honestly (and don't even begin to suggest you don't agree) from time to time, breaking the rules is not only fun, but it can be necessary. And if it's not necessary - it is just plain old fun. Just remember kids - it's all fun 'n games 'till someone loses an eye. Or something like that.

It would seem that my digi peers out there all insist on layouts being darn close to looking like they were made of paper and stickers. Some even "poo-poo" the idea of breaking away from that illusion. In typical Scrubbie fashion... I have broken the rules. Why - in this case - just because it was fun. The popping on this page seems to work for some reason. Probably cause it features the kid.

Gotta run - Crown is calling my name and this is one time where I won't break the rules and ignore the calling. Nighty night.

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kelseyll said...

Wow...I don't know how you did that, but I LOVE the floating journaling! It makes the layout seem 3D and I think it's cool...let others "poo-poo" all they want...but this ROCKS!