Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WooHoo! What a day!

Wow - what a day today. Went to Canada's Wonderland today. Went with a dear friend, Rona and her two boys. I went along as the 4th to help out with rides etc. Don't know Canada's Wonderland? For U.S. visitors - think 6 Flags parks: roller coasters, spinny rides, REALLY expensive food ($3.51 for a bottle of soda pop, $7.99 for a cheeseburger etc etc - no kidding. Today, I had a Gyros wrap, small order of french-fries and a fountain drink - total: brace yourself... $17.28!) Anyway - new coaster there called the Behemoth. Holy Crap - HUGE, STEEP, FAST, LONG and overall INCREDIBLE! Had to wait over an hour to get on - but let me tell you boys and girls - well worth it. I haven't come off a coaster grinning like that for a VERY long time. I'll get some pics up for it soon - but, just had to share that with you. Home tonight - little sun on the face, maybe some windburn and really tired feet. LOL. So worth the trip though. Rona's boys are so great and they are as close to nephews as you can get without sharing bloodlines. I really do love them very much.

Today's layout is something I put together a couple of weeks ago and is going up because it represents the exact opposite of what today was all about. Relaxing. hehehe. Consider it my way of coming down from a really exciting day. Well - this and a cup of tea with my darling wife. THAT always makes for an excellent wrap up of any kind of day.


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