Monday, August 11, 2008

Here's somethin' interesting.

Hey all - here's a little something that is sort of interesting. For those of you reading who dont know me... some time ago, the wife, the kid and I lost our house and pretty much everything in it to fire. Afterwards, when we went rummaging through the debris to see what we could find, there were a couple of tote bins that had some layouts in them. They were pretty much garbage at that point, but we did save a few that weren't too bad off in hopes that we might, one day, get around to recreating them.

Well - you know how it is. "One day" never seems to roll around. But today was a bit different!

I thought I would give it a go doing it digitally.

So, I present the before and after for you: The first pic is a scanned copy of the original done traditionally and the second is my intepretation of it digitally.

The layout was originally done quite a few years ago - gosh... doesn't seem that long ago. But - check out the stitching! Woo-hoo! Wife and I were ahead of the times back then. LOL.

Those who do know us may remember this one on the wall at our store!

For your viewing pleasure: The Brat In The Hat

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Judy B said...

Great job Darren....Love it!!!!