Monday, October 13, 2008

Did someone order WordArt?

Hey boys & girls! Scrubbie is reeeeeelaxin'! Phew! My parents yesterday. The wife's parents today. Good times hosting the family all around.

The fam went for a stroll today to grab a few snaps. The wife is doing some paper layouts featuring the colours of Fall. So - we all went out and did our best to make it look like we were enjoying ourselves. LOL. Nah - just kiddin'. We had a blast. It was remarkable outside in SW Ontario today. Temp was way up. Sun was just a'blazing. And the colours of autumn were in full glory today. I'll have to start some digiscrappin' of these pics to show 'em off to you.

OOO - I did promise the other day to get the WordArt from that black & white layout I did of the kid staring off into the distance. There's the preview. Saved as a PNG file. At the bottom of this posting is the link. Snag away m'lovlies.

So the long weekend is a wrap. And, back to the grind 8 hours from now. Oh - it aint so bad. I actually LOVE my 9-5.

Here's a little something for ya. Today, I learned that "some people" rub fabric softner dryer sheets on their dogs and cats. Not only does this take care of all that static on their fur and hair, but leaves them smelling laundry fresh as well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I dunno why - but I just find that so freakin' hysterical.

WELCOME WELCOME! Scrubbie's gots a couple new followers!
Welcome CactusFreek
Welcome Heidi
Welcome So-Inkin-Cute
Good to have ya'll on board!

Alright, Alright. Enough of the yabberin' on - here's the link for the WordArt!

Get the download giggles HERE!

Bde-Bde-Bde - That's all folks!


Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie!!!

We just had our Thanksgiving feed last night and I am stuffed to room for pie because I filled my face with stuffing...LOL

Back to the grind for me too...might have to put teh laptop in bed with me because my bely is so full...just roll me out for snack breaks..haha

Beverley Todd said...

Great blog! Got your link from Di Hickman's blog - you won the Friday Freebie. Added you to my reader!

Scrappy~Sarah said...

Thanks for the word art....used it here