Saturday, October 18, 2008

Continental Breakfast served from 7am-9am

Hello Pawpets - how are ya'll doin?

So - Scrubbie's relaxin again on a Saturday night. The out-laws were all here doing second round Thanksgiving. Dispensed with the traditional Turkey dinner though - opted for Roast Beef with all the fixin's. MMMMM - was pretty good. Although Scrubbie kinda failed on the roast beef portion. Was just a bit on the tough side. Oh well - c'est la vie.

The out-law bro - JR - went fishin' yesterday and caught himself what looks like a decent sized fish. He's sending a pic by email - so I'll have to share it once it is on here.

The wife is leavin' tomorrow for the day - headin' to the Creative Festival in Toronto. She and gal-pal and business partner Judy will be flogging their wares while there too. (NO - not THAT. sheesh - once again Scrubs - ya'll gots dirty minds. IN A PINCH DESIGNS stuff. That's what their flogging - IN A PINCH DESIGNS.) So - Scrubbie and the Kid will be on their own tomorrow. Actually - I gotta take the kid out to get shin pads for soccer which starts on Monday. So - little shoppin' and I think we might try and get in a Geocache or two. Have to make the most of it all now. Scrubbie's not really a winter geocacher. Nope - not at all really.

Think the kid and are goin' to hit a hockey game next Friday - that should be kewl.

Oh - and the kid turns 12 on Thursday. So the plans are underway for a bit of a house party to celebrate the occasion. The wife, as usual, will be disappearing for the event. She doesn't really like kids much. LOL. So for the past few years - she always hides during the kid's birthday parties. Prefers to hear about it later.

Oh - and I know you are wondering... and the answer is YES. Bing and Bong are sleeping over AGAIN tonight.

Hey - you have plans for a night out? No problem - as you can see - sleepovers at our place is NOT a big deal at all. Just drop 'em off and be sure to pick 'em up by 10 am the next morning. Breakfast is included. *grin



Sheri said...

I like kids! Just not a lot in a group situation. Especially, a group of 12 year old boys. Sheesh Scrubbie, you're goin' to give everyone the wrong impression of me. Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sheri kids in very small doses. by the way Mr. Scrubbie you forgot to mention the great birthday cake you know this is just a once a year thing Love