Wednesday, October 15, 2008

X marks the spot.

Lets see:

Yesterday - I had about 40 bucks in the 'ol bank account.
Today - Yep - it's still there.

Yesterday - that dang pimple on the chin.
Today - yep - the wee bugger's still there.

Yesterday - lunatic dog.
Today - lunatic dog.

Yesterday - minority Conservative Government
Today - Yep - still the same.

Ahhh - I love a democracy! hehehe.

Hey boys & girls - Scrubbie here (in case you weren't sure). So - for all you non-Canucks takin' a boo at Scrubbie's blatherings - yesterday, we up here in the Great White went to the election polls to pick ourselves a new government. Sounds quite official doesn't it? Well - don't forget... us Canucks are pretty laid back most of the time and don't take ourselves too seriously. So with that in mind... the official NATIONAL ELECTION being spoken of was, for Scrubbie and the wife, a trip to the Baptist Church just down the road where we strolled through the fallen leaves into the gymnasium where we were greeted by a number of older ladies who were taking their job of making sure we were who we said we were pretty darn seriously. We got a little slip of paper with a bunch of candidate names on them. We marked an X in the little circle of the person we thought would do a pretty good job representing our community in the capital of the country - Ottawa, and then we came home and had tea. Put this way - pretty much just another day.

But - I do have to say a couple things here. First - Thank Goodness (or God, Gods, Higher Beings, Cheese - whatever applies to you) that we at least have the Opportunity to take part in a democratic election. To all you Grandfathers and Great Grandpappies that took to the oceans, beaches and shores to defend the right to do so - Thanks a whole Scrubbie-bunch!

Second - only 59% of the country's population got off their arses to go out and vote. 59%. Sheesh. I'll only say this once kids - that's pathetic. Accoring to the little blog tracker thingy I got down there somewhere - there are folks havin' a peek at Scrubbie here from places where you don't get to take a leisurly stroll through the fallen leaves to the local Baptist Church where you are greeted by old ladies and you get to put a little X in your choice of representative and then go home and have tea - all without the fear of being shot. Hey - just somethin' to think about.

So boys & girls - there ya go. My tirade for the day.

Excuse me Scrubs - just for a second. Mr. Stephen Harper is once again the Prime Minister of Canada and I am sure he's reading this. Gotta do an ASIDE moment:
Mr. Prime Minister: Congratulations on securing the role in Ottawa for another couple 'a years. Please, Please, Please - do a good job for us! Thank-you sir. If you have any questions that I can help you out with - just leave a comment here and I'd be happy to reply. Oh - don't forget to sign yourself up as a follower! Once again Mr. Prime Minister - Congratulations!
Ok Scrubs - I'm back. Thanks.

In spite of complaining; in spite of whining; in spite of everything - I am VERY, VERY, VERY... well - check out this SCRUBBIE SURPRISE. It pretty much says it all.

Later kids!


Kristine said...

Lucky you getting to have a walk through the leaves to vote!!! We had to drive to a wee hall in Canfield, get out to the lovely smell of manure (perfect thing on monumentous day as voting day! LOL)and after the lil ole ladies checked us out and double checked us we "X marked the spot" and then partook in Tim Horton''s a good thing as Martha would say...same boob is till in power in our area but at least we have the right to gripe when she screws up again! LOL

Lori Johnston said...

We had to go to the local Lions Club, no leaves to walk through but old ladies and an old man sitting on a really high bar stool observing everything. Same Boob, new day here too! We will be doing it all again in 2 years! LOL!