Friday, October 17, 2008

Dude, where's my pictures?

*snicker snicker.... Who is that good lookin' kid?!? Oh wait - it's Scrubbie!

Mornin' boys & girls! Howz everyone doin' today?

Yes - that's Scrubbie there at the tender age of 9. In one of my many "Sears catelogue" poses. Ya... geez, eh.

Oh - disappointment kids. Big disappointment. I did NOT get any snaps of little children freaking out, crying, passing out - generally dying yesterday during their immunization shots at school. I gave the camera to the kid yesterday to grab a few shots. But alas - the boy was freakin' out himself and did not accomplish his mission. Oh well....

Gonna take off here kids - I have to get ready for work. Anyone wanna call in sick for me?

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