Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Pills - here I come!

No pics - just words. How boring, eh?

Ya - the wife and I are suckin' back a couple 'a cocktails and relaxin' in front of the tube. The kid played soccer again tonight - game - didn't win, but did well.

On the tube? We're just watchin' the Food Network - Restaurant Makeover. Couple 'a gay guys that have restaurant on Church in Toronto. But - comin' up - HEROES. Love that show.

Speakin' of shows - NOVEMBER 23 is the return of Jack in 24. OMG - It's been ages since we have seen that show. Hurricane Rona always comes over to watch Jack. She's in love.

Ya know - with new readers all the time, I'm gonna have to do a post just to catch up on the cast of characters in Scrubbie's life that get mentioned here.

Cast of characters - one more note: Geek Buddy - smooched a new gal the other night. I know 'ur readin' this buddy - wooooooooooooooo! You go brother!

So kids - Scrubbie's goin back on Happy Pills. Yes - glorious Happy Pills. Gonna go see Dr.Scott tomorrow and get my new slip of paper that says - "Give Scrubbie as much as he can take". Can't wait. Venoflaxine is my best friend. I'll give you the low down as soon as the first capsule makes that glorious slide down the gullet and all those happy neurons start 'a flowin. Oh happy days.

Oh - and the go-kart has new tires! It was delightful turning a corner today and actually staying in my lane. Weird. hehehe. Many dollars - but, with the snow comin' down - just can't risk flyin off the road anymore. Scrubbie's got a kid and wife to think about too. (Knight Rider doesn't have that problem)

So - the ice is meltin' in the glass and the Crown is diluting. Can't have that. Gotta run.

Oh - Happy Birthday to gal pal Judy and to Scrubbie Uncle John. Funny eh - Uncle John. Everybody seems to have an Uncle John. The make them in bulk. Cheaper that way.

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