Monday, November 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday afternoons

Ahhhh - it was a lazy Sunday afternoon 'round the Scrubbie pad.

The kid went to his overnight thingy with the Church group on Friday night. It was an all nighter - they left at 4pm, returned Saturday morning at 7am. NO SLEEP. Football, soccer, swimming - the whole kit'n'kaboodle. The kid came home bleary eyed but had a great time. Hit the sack promptly at 7:20am and slept till I rousted him at noon.

Saturday night - sleepover at Bing and Bong's of course. Then Sunday rolled 'round and there wasn't much activity at all.

Oh sure - I could have been industrious. But, I did put in my time on Friday and Saturday. Cleaned the bathrooms, did laundry, tidied up the main floor. Completely gutted and cleaned the kid's room. Blech.

This left Sunday.

We watched a couple 'a movies. Enjoyed some snacks.

It was perfect. Even the lunatic dog got in on the game and curled up in the corner of the loveseat to have herself a little nappy-poo.

I'm tellin' ya kids - if you haven't done yourself a lazy day in a while... it's time to do just that. Consider it a Scrubbie prescription.

Hey - anyone watch the Amazing Race last night? So glad those two diva's are gone. And, ex-hubbies of the diva's - CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like you are way better off. *grin

Finally - the wife came home after her weekend at one of Karen's Go Scrapping retreats. This time - Blue Moutain in Collingwood. Hey - wanna talk bleary eyed? Geez. The woman was toast when she got home! But - she and gal pal Judy and their In A Pinch Designs biz did very well. Yep - she was tired. Burst into tears when she pushed the wrong button on the TV remote. I know, I know....

And, now, Monday morning. Went to the Gym - got a little physical. It was good. SNOW on the ground again. Sheesh. One week ago - T-shirts and shorts. Welcome to Canada, eh.

(told ya we talk about weather.)

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Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie!

I could sure use a few lazy days...I'll take your advice as a prescription...OK?!

Have a great day and stay warm! It's damn cold outside!