Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Santa Clause is comin' to town. Well - not our town. Not yet anyway.

Ya - so I was talking about the kid and I havin' a lazy day the other day. It was so great. Still smilin' about it.

The kid and I are just wrapping up a movie right now - The Bourne Supremacy. I tell ya - those Jason Bourne flicks are just awesome.

It is getting colder around these parts. Sheesh. Took the lunatic dog out for a piddle a while ago. Even she was lookin at me as if it say "even though I gots fur, daddy, my u-hoo is FREEZIN! Get me inside!" hehehe. She's so cute.

Hey - ya'll know what day it is today, don't ya? KNIGHT RIDER day! *grin. But - since the Bourne flick is on the tube - Scrubbie's got to wait till tomorrow for his adrenaline rush. Lets face it though - the show is awful. I know, I know - why watch it then. snif, snif - I just cant stop!

Tomorrow - I have to go and get some more test strips for diabetes. Back to bein' the human pincushion again. Sigh. I think there's a digiscrappin' layout in there somewhere.

And, the final note for tonight - everybody find a TV on Saturday. The kid is gonna be in the Santa Clause Parade in Hamilton, Ontario. We're involved with War Amps (the kid is the one-handed wonder, remember) Anyway - each year, he is on the float in a parade - either the Oktoberfest Parade in Kitchener, Ontario or one of the Santa Clause Parades somewhere. This year - it's the Steel City. And - it's always a good time. Yep - I'll take pics.

Gotta run. Time to tear the kid away from the movie and hit the sack. Nighty Night.


Kristine said...

Woohoo!!! I'll be looking for the punk kid at the parade! :D

Pene said...

Hey Scrubbie! I've been a fan of your blog ever since reading a comment you left over downloading one of Vicki's (A Work in Progress) kits. It said something along the lines of "yes, men scrapbook too", so I had to come for a sticky beak and never left! Love reading your stuff and your LO's are awesome!
Cheers to you and yours,

Melody aka pebbles7195 said...

Huh - a lazy day!! Wish I could have one of those!! Hard to do with a holy terror 2 year old running around!! LOL What was I thinking> Just kidding!! Wouldn't trade him for the world!! Anyway, love your LAZY DAY layout!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs!! :)