Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Heeee's Back

Evening boys & girls. Scrubbie's back. I know - it's only been a couple 'a days - and I know some of ya'll are goin' through withdrawl - but not to worry - I am still here! *grin

So - there is so much to say! Let's get right to it then.

1. To my neighbours south of the border - CONGRATS on your elections! Who am I? Ahhhh - basically a nobody, but I am glad you shouted out to have President Elect Obama as captain of the ship. Seems like a reasonable fella. And history was made. There have been so many outstanding quotes over the last 24 hours - but one that I particularly liked was in our national newspaper here in the Great White. It read "Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk. Martin Luther King walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so our children could fly." (or something to that effect). Ya - I think that shouts volumes.

2. The pic there - it's the kid and Scrubbie's mommy. Ain't they just the pair?

3. Weather (it's what we Canucks talk about - get used to it). Holy geez - it's been 20 degrees here the last two days and we get another tomorrow! Not 100% sure what that is in fluff'n'height - but suffice to say it's T-shirt weather. Sunny and warm! WooHoo!

4. It's Wednesday and you know what that means! KNIGHT RIDER! Oh ya baby.

5. The kid is taking off on Friday for an overnight thingy with this youth group he hangs with. Wednesday nights he goes to a youth program and they are doing an all nighter even this weekend. It is a whole lot of games, some football, some swimming, pizza and bevvies, little bit of God thrown in here and there. Should be good. The problem is - Saturday morning when the little fart comes home - he's gonna be tired, cranky. Hopefully - the lad will sleep.

6. And finally - the news came out today that it appears that the body of a teen found earlier today is that of Brandon Crisp. You might recall a few entries ago - I did a small "Scrubbie Aside" hoping that this young fella might stumble across it. I was so hoping that the story would have a happy ending. It does appear that this is not the case. Words cannot express the sorrow that the wife and I feel for the Crisp family. Mr & Mrs Crisp - if you are reading: THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT. Places traded, the wife and I would have done and would still do the EXACT SAME THING. We hope you find peace in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

I know readers - doesn't that just suck.

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