Thursday, November 6, 2008

Out with the old. In with the new.

Howdy kids.

So - the dreaded clean out and clean up has begun. It started with the outside - have to hunker down for the winter which will eventually come upon us. Ya know - packing stuff away; taking down the patio stuff; gettin' the Christmas lights up now so I dont have to do it in a blizzard. All that.

Then - because I needed space in the engine room to pack everything away - the clean out and clean up continued there. Argh.

But - whilst rummaging - I came across a few scrappy layouts that we had packed away. These are additional ones that are all trashed because of the fire. (New readers - the wife and I lost our house and everything in it to fire a while back. Everyone made it out alright - but surprisingly... it has taken pretty much this long to get 'round to really going through a few boxes of stuff that we managed to salvage out of it all. Weird, huh)

Anyway - the layouts. Right. That's what I was talkin' about. So - we have these layouts that are bent, mouldy, mucky - basically trash. But, there they are. So - I have been working on a few of them and making them into digital layouts. Kewl, huh. I'm scanning the photos - doing a little Photoshop magic to clean them up, then taking the look of the layout and redoing them digitally. Tons'o'fun - gotta tell ya.

So - that first pic up there is the scanned image. I didn't scan the whole 12x12 - suffice to say, black border, steelish grey paper, screw head stickers - yadda yadda yadda. But, you can see the watermarks on it, brads missing etc. In this case, I even took the original TOOL TIME cutout title and used the letters - cleaned them up, made a new border etc.

And - voila - the digital redo.

I have a bunch more of them that I am going to work on as well. Will preserve what I can and say CYA LATER to the rest.

Ahhhh - it's all kinda therapuetic in a way, isn't it?

One awesome last note - one of the pics was the wife's and my engagement picture. Thought that was a gonner.

Will keep ya'll posted.

Here's the comparison


Kristine said...

Love the new layout look Scrubbie!

When you are done cleaning and ya rent yourself out?! LOL I have a fruit cellar crammed to the rafters with stuff that has to go to Value Village but the adults here are too terrified to start! LOL

So~Inkin~Cute said...

Wow! How awesome are you?? That is really cool. Not that your house burned down and all; but rather the fact that you salvaged a wonderful memory in digital format.

I must say, I am a big fan! I love following your blog, you totally intrigue me!

Until next time....

Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

Ah Scrubbie you make my day.Have a good one Luv Momalou