Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ahhh - another All Hallows Eve has come and gone. Great this year. They kid and a couple of his punk friends got together to head out. Hurricane Rona stopped by for a visit. Couple 'a cocktails were flowing. James Bond movie to wrap up the night. Ya - all in all - good times.

Oh - and my niece and nephew stopped by too. Whogun and Dancer - you remember them from previous posts, right? JR and Dutchie's brats? Yep - they were decked out to the nine's as well. Whoosh!

So, here's the deal: One parent came by dressed up, bag the size of a house in hand, and while escorting a couple of his malformed offspring (assumed) he also puts out his bag and says he is collecting for the little one in the stroller. IN THE STROLLER? Are you kidding me? There are so many things wrong with this on so many levels. 1. You don't feed candy to a baby. What are you doing here pal - starting a collection for later in life like some kinda candy trust fund or something? 2. Do you really think I believe you here? The truth is you are collecting additional sweeties for your own brats and for yourself. Sheesh. Get a life dude. (I am sure he's reading this - so I can't name names here. Dave from #287 up the street would be sooo embarassed if I did)

And, November is upon us! Geez - the calendar is just flyin' by.

The wife is out Scrapbookin' today at a crop and I am at home with the kid. The wife's gal pal Judy is entrusting her eldest to me for the day. Bwaa-haa-haa! Ya.... the kid is gonna know what's it is like to put in a full day's yard work by time I'm done with him.


Kristine said...

Morning Scrubbie!

Send your kid & his punk friends here...we have an acre of lawn and leaves and nuts that have to be raked...should keep them busy for 3 days..LMAO

Up in Kitchener tomorrow for a family's hoping we don't get lost..(we usually do...all those damn roundabouts send us on the wrong streets..LOL)

Holly said...

someone had too many of scrubbie's drinks and decided that roundabouts are the way to go! good heavens.

seriously - what the frack with the halloween grabbies?

Anonymous said...

Hi Scrubbie,
I am wondring if your feeling OK ? I cant believe you actually ran out WORDS or feelings to write about. Have good nite.