Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birds of a feather...

Hey kids - Scrub here. Wanna read an email that Scrub just got?

Maybe I should set this up for ya.

No secret that Scrub ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, right? Ya'll already know that Scrub's gots the ADHD thing goin. Somethin' shiny floats by and you pretty much gotta snap me back if you want my attention again. And, combine that with the whole brain chemical imbalance thingy that requires my daily dose of Happy Pills - well, you get the idea. My brain is pretty much like an amusement park on a sunny day. Sorta explains things, don't it?

And, ya'll know how people like to hang with like minded people, right?

Well - Scrub's got himself one of those like minded people alright. A few of them as a matter of fact. Geek boy. Hurricane Rona. The kid. The lunatic dog. Just to name a few.

Another in the cast is my very dear friend who also happens to be family. The Bro-In-Law, JR.

Yes Yes - ya'll know him. He's the one that Scrub goes to the gym with. So much more fun to go with a pal when you are sculpting pectoral muscles that are, well, simply spectacular. (Modesty runs in my fam. Just ask Scrubbie's mommy.)

Well, since JR and Scrub are pals - both in and out of the gym - it follows that he may - well... could - well... IS - just a wee 'titch on the "ever so slightly imbalanced" side too.

Oh... relax - he knows Scrub loves him. I'd be the first to put up my dukes to anyone who said a nasty word about the wee fart.

Anyway - back to being ever so slightly imbalanced. JR, ya see, has recently taken to Happy Pills as well. Different happy pills - but happy pills none-the-less.

The boy is Bi-Polar. (No, No - not two white fuzzy bears that live on icebergs. Sheesh.) Ya know - Bi-polar... REALLY happy then REALLY not happy. And, all in a span of like 12 seconds. The nicest guy you'd ever meet - then a complete prick. Again - 12 seconds. Rainbows and sunshine - then the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Yep - you got it... 12 seconds. Talk about a roller coaster. Not just for him - but for everyone around him too. It's exhausting.

Anyway - long story short (I know... "too late") - Up, Down, Up, Down, Family miffed, JR sad, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor, Shrink, Happy Pills and here we are.

Now - for those of you who do not get to experience the thrill of taking brain balancing meds - Let 'ol Scrubbie fill ya in.

(By the way... apparently Scrub gets quite a few visitors to the 'ol blogeroo evertime he mentions VENOFLAXINE - whoops - there ya go... more googlers have just popped in. HEY - GOOGLERS that have just popped in - Not sure if you are reading 'cause you are lookin into happy pills or what - but if you are - here's the heads up on stuff!)

So - back to fillin' ya in: When you start poppin' the happy pills - not too much happens. In fact, it takes a few days for the wee buggers to kick in and start doin' their thing. It's not a quick fix - that's for sure. But, when they do - boy oh boy! Well - you all saw me through it, right? I was just a cantankerous old bustard for few posts. hehehehehe. Well - the wife'll tell ya I was unpleasant.

And, with JR - not much different. For the most part - my 'lil brother has been kinda on the quiet side for the last few weeks. (It takes a lot outa ya when you learn about bein bi-polar and stuff.) And, we have been patiently waitin for the happy pills to kick in.

Email messages tend to be sorta 'short'. Ya know - the one liner kinds. You know how it is when you are simply exhausted from sun up to sun down and not in a good mood and not happy with things - stuff like that. Ya - like that.

I sent a quick message to JR just a little while ago that simply said:


toJR at work
dateThu, Feb 12, 2009 at 2:46 PM

Dude! goin to the club tonight?
He sent a reply.

Read on.

dateThu, Feb 12, 2009 at 3:29 PM

YES! The sky is falling and I need to work off some dark thoughts. Meds got bumped up last night and it has been quit the trip today. Don't know why I even came into work today. Surprised I was even able to drive this morning. The cars behind me must of enjoyed my imitation of a NASCAR car loosen up the tires at the start of race. Why talk about race, what was that, that just flew by. Holy hannah boys and girls hang onto your hats!

Wow, that felt weird. Maybe I shouldn't play with heavy objects tonight. I might start screaming at everyone for looking at me. Agian, Holy hannah boys and girls hang onto your hats!

Gotta go, get to spend more money. wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, don't tell anyone but wheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! isn't in the spellcheck. HAHAHAHA! guy man laugh from the old 7up commercial. LOL hesterically at my own joke.

Hey, you gotta blog this. Hey picture this. Guy, sitting at his desk with a "optical mouse". It's not working cause guy thinks he has to use it by moving the laser over his eye. get it.

Okay, how about we just go for a coffee. I am to tired now to even think of gym. I knew I a dog name gym. Oh wait that was boo. Anyways, spicey got hair cut, by a professional, not by a dutch girl.


Apparently, Happy Pills have kicked in.


Kristine said...

Here's to JR feeling more like himself and less like the boyfriend of the stud at the gym..His name was prob Boo...ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


dinkleberries said...

Hey big guy, it may be that those 'happy pills' would be a little less necessary if there was a little more copper in the brain. There is a guy named Mark Purdy who did a lot of research in this area and he is now dead, as his findings pretty much pissed off the powers that be, imo, they also burned down his house. Anyways a good source of copper is kelp. Other wise if you garden, crush enough basalt rock into fine powder to apply a 2 to 3 inch layer of rock dust on your garden and watch your garden grow. There is much calcium and copper in basalt. Google 'remineralize the earth' for more information.

dinkleberries said...

One day the hubby and I had a big ol fight, oh, I was so very furious, just absolutely could not stand the guy!! (that's him in the pic, the goat had just bit his finger, lol)So I went down to the basement to get away from him, stew and pout. So when I was getting tired of the ongoing argument in my own head I looked around me and saw this book called "New England Folk Medicine", by Jarvis. As I began to read I realized I had EVERY symptom in the book, from icy hands and feet, blue lips, reduced heart rate, to reduced breathing rate. Then he suggested that an effective way to sweeten up a cantankerous horse or bull is to add about 1/4 cup raw apple cider vinegar to their feed each day. What do I have to lose? I bought me some racv. Within two weeks, he was noticing a difference in my personality if I did or did not take the racv. LOl, hilarious, obviously, he was not the problem, but twas myself.
In my experience, most medical and mental problems are due to malnutrition, as a result of artificial fertilizers and processing of foods. Restore the minerals the body needs to function properly and the body heals itself very efficiently. That's why the Hunza folks live on average to around 120 years.