Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scrubbie's on the air.

Evenin' kids - Scrubbie here.

Well, Scrubbie was on the radio. I'll share a lil' secret with ya. Just 'tween us though.
Scrubbie has a day job that doesn't involve blogging.

Phew - confession is good for the soul. Now, the secret is out.

So - Scrub got invited to hit the airwaves and share his insight and expertise with a hungry audience. Bwaaa-haa-haa! Oh my goodness. Went well though. Mr. Radio Host has invited me back again. Geez - maybe Scrub'll get to take over the world via the interweb and the listening world. HeeeHeee.

Hey - here's some excitin' news. Hurricane Rona - our dear friend and walking disaster-waiting-to-happen - she sells sanctuary. Oh hey - that sounds like a song. So, Hurricane - she is a real estate agent. The 'ol dear has just invaded the igloo here for a wee drop 'a Crown and Cola to celebrate another successful igloo sale. Way to go Hurricane. You go girl. No - seriously... Go - it's time to go. Scrub's gotta have a nap. Oh well - looks like she's settlin' in. (I'll just yawn a couple 'a times and leave the wife to entertain. Oh, how deliciously evil.)

Speakin' of the wife... among all her myriad of talents - she's also one of these "go into your house and make fun of everything you own, then rearrange and redecorate to make it look all purty" people. Ya know - like the ones ya see on the tube all the time. She doesn't have a token gay male friend to tag along though who is just as over the top about decorating. This makes her sad. Anyway - she just got home after spending other people's money. This makes her happy. It's a simple life, ain't it?

Well - it's February 9 or 10 or somethin. That means that we are creepin up to Valentines Day. With that in mind - Scrub does wanna set the record straight here. Scrubbie LOVES the Wife. Oodles and oodles. We have been hooked up for more than half our lives. Get that into ya! High school. Yep - there's where it all started. The wife - an artist - pretty sure I've mentioned that once before. On the front lawn of our high school - she and I sat there and she painted my running shoes. Ok, Ok - I know - it's kinda weird to read about it on the interweb, but there it is. That's what happened.

Took the darlin' to her prom. She was a hottie. Still is, as a matter of fact. Ya - Scrub did alright.

There's more to the story - I'll fill ya in later.

For now though - I'll give ya a wee peek into our smoochie lives.
Check out this SCRUBBIE SURPRISE. Says it all.

(New to a Scrubbie Surprise? - It's just a link that'll take you somewhere else - don't worry - never anything naughty)

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