Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hey Baby... Wanna date?

I'm datin' a student!

Evenin' kids - Uncle Scrubbie here again.

The wife and I are closing out another Smoochey Day. Incredible dinner (roast beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roasted red potatoe wedges, medallion carrots, horseradish, apple gravy - and tons of smoochee-poo chocolate for dessert - oh ya baby!). Hurricane is here. The kid - went to a girls place to hang out for the afternoon. Apparently made a decent impression with the parents - he was invited to stay for dinner. Just waitin' on the call to go and fetch the lad.

So - mentioned datin' a student. Well - the wife is startin' school on Tuesday! A year long program - Honours Biz Admin. Geez. That means Scrub's makin' two lunches everyday now.

The fam had a little meeting yesterday to discuss this new life for the next 52 weeks. Most important was the ground rules.

Told the wife:

1. Sleepovers - don't mind her bringin her new school chums home - but sleepovers only on the weekends. The kid and the wife have to switch off weekends.
2. Homework - no computer, no scrapbooking and no decorating shows until homework is done.
3. Bedtimes - will be strictly observed. Anyone complaining about having to wake up will have to hit the sack an hour earlier that night.
4. Tuck Shop - once a week. 5 dollar budget max.
And, finally... 5. No coming home with pink hair and multiple piercings just cause the other girls at school are doing it. Simple as that.

Phew - glad that is done.

Now, Scrubs gotta put together a couple 'a bucks and go out to the local trading post to pick up a new backpack and pencils and binders for the 'ol girl. Oh - gotta remember to pick up one of those fancy schmancy markers to put her name in all her panties. (*snicker... Scrubbie said "panties")

Well - I should really get off the interweb now. Scrubs gotta go and get sexy lookin. Huh? Why? Cause it's Valentines Day and he wants to git all jiggy for the wife and get down and busy with a couple of hours of yahoo time? Oh, no. Scrubs gotta go and get all sexy lookin cause this school thing is gonna empty the sock under the mattress to the tune of about 15 thousand colourful Canadian dollars and Scrubs gotta go and hit King Street downtown to make a few bucks.

Wish me luck.

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