Monday, February 16, 2009

We're no angels. But I wouldn't change a thing.

It's Family Day here in the Great White.

Heya kids - Scrubbie here.

Family Day. No, not just a phrase coined to talk about Monday. It really is FAMILY DAY. In the province of Ontario - we have it as a Provincial holiday. Stores are closed. Stuff is shut down. There are various Family-ish activities hosted around the community.
Nice, eh?

The kid - slept over at Bing and Bong's last night. The night before - slept over at some pre-pubescent girls' place. I know. I know. The wife and I were kinda freaked out a bit too. He came home smiling. We are terribly concerned.

Now - he is down in the engine room workin' on a project for school.

The wife - upstairs in her Scrappin' room. Workin' away on instructions for the pre-cut Scrap kits that she and gal pal Judy flog on the interweb and in person through IN A PINCH DESIGNS at events througout the Great White.

Lunatic dog - curled up for afternoon naps on the kid's bed. Don't that sound temptin'?

Scrubbie - in his big marshmallow chair, on the ground floor, banging away at the keyboard after coming home from another session at his local workout facility.

Now - you might be sayin somethin' like "Sheesh - that Scrubbie fam has it all wrong. They should be all gushy and lovey and be playing Yahtzee on the dining room table together." Sure - that's an option. In fact, it might even happen 'fore the day is through. But - this is the family. And, this is what we do. Everyone has their thing - then we all come together and have our connecting moments. It's all good.

Family Day aside for a moment - In just a couple of hours - there will be a flurry of activity 'round the igloo. You see - the kid - has to finish off homework. The wife - has to get ready for her first day at school. Scrubbie - networking breakfast in another city tomorrow morning (disgustingly early I might add). Hurricane Rona (Wife #2) - should be calling shortly asking what we are having for dinner. (She's gonna FREAK when I tell her it's Bacon & Eggs for dinner. She'll think we've gone mad or have contrived a plan to eliminate her from our lives). The Wife and Hurricane - The Bachelor and True Beauty tonight on the tube. And, 24 as well as Heroes. The kid - soccer tonight at 7. Game 1 of the end of season tourney. Oh yes - a flurry of activity.

Perhaps, just perhaps, this all explains the receding hair line and silver strands that grace Scrub's noggin.

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