Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Let me explain.

Heya boys & girls - Scrubbie here.

I'm SAD.

No - it's not that I am unhappy, or disappointed, bereaved, bitter, blue, cheerless, dejected or despairing. Not despondent, disconsolate, dismal or distressed. Not doleful, down or forlorn. Not gloomy, glum, heartbroken, heartsick or hurting. Not Melancholy, morbid, morose somber, sorrowful, sorry or troubled. Not wistful. Not woebegone. And certainly, most certainly, not lugubrious.

No - none of these.

I'm SAD.

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Well, yes - I do have that. Hooray Happy Pills!

But - no, in this case - not what I am talkin' about.

I'm SAD.

No, no - I am not pining the death of a friend or missing terribly an old soul from my past with whom I had a wonderful connection that completely fulfilled my very existence. Actually - I've never had that. I don't like people, remember?

But - ain't this picture just frackin' hysterical! HAHAHA

I'm SAD.

Special And Demented.

Yes. Ask the wife. She'll confirm it.

Not what I mean.

I'm SAD.

Yes - in this case I am referring to being a Stay At-Home Dad.

So - what is the point to all of this, you might ask. Go ahead - I don't mind. Ask.

Ok - let me tell ya.

There is no point. Just thought I'd put it out there.

Truthfully - I am a "Work from home Dad". But - that wudda been WFHD. And, really - what fun is that to say? Wuh-fuh-aich-duh. See - nuthin.

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