Sunday, February 15, 2009

Big Love

A disturbing and alarming situation has been brought to my attention.

Howdy Scrub-nation. Big Daddy Scrubbie here.

Yesterday, while Hurricane Rona was here sharing a lovey-dovey dinner with Scrubbie and The Wife, she mentioned some squealing in her go-kart when she turned the steering wheel. So - having testosterone, wibbly-wobblies and one X chromosome, I, of course, had to go outside, lift the hood and take a look-see. After some careful inspection, and attracting the attention of the other X-Chrome's on the street, I found that Hurricane's go-kart was a little low on Power Steering fluid. Simple fix.

So, this morning, Scrub went out to one of our local Trading Posts to pick some magic steering juice.

Grabbed it. Paid my 8 colourful Canadian dollars and went on my merry way.

Drove down the street to Hurricane's place. Popped the hood. Topped up the fluid. Checked the oil. Got my hands all black and greasy. (GAWD I love that!) Dropped the hood and rubbed my hands together in that "Ahhhh - a job well done" gesture. Know what I mean? Good.

Knocked on Hurricane's door - told her what I did. Washed up my hands and toddled off for a visit to my local work-out facility. Worked up a sweat. Got cleaned up. Came home. La-dee-da.

Sounds all kinda normal. Don't it?

Well - here is where the alarming and disturbing starts to come in.

Ya see - Scrub started prepping dinner for the Wife and the Kid. Wife - she came downstairs to check and see what I was whippin' up. I asked her if Hurricane was comin' for dinner tonight. Yep. She is. (Amazing Race starts tonight! WoooHooo!)

When I told the Wife what I had all done earlier today - the Hurricane thing etc - she then said... "Ahhh - fixing up the "other" wife's car eh?"


Oh my GAWD! She's right.

Hurricane - she has me fixin stuff round her place. Tending to her vehicle. Escorting her to the local police station when she has to go and report destruction and damage. (That's another story). Cookin' for her. Geek'in out her computer. Pickin' up her kids. Takin' them all to our playgrounds.

HOLY FRACK! I'm a polygamist! Kinda.

I got's 2 Fam's! 3 kids. 2 wives. 1 lunatic dog.

Oh my.

Suddenly - I'm exhausted.

Where's the aspirin?


Karen said...

and this is JUST dawning on ya?? hehe... It's true -- the closest things to you are the hardest to see.

Amazing Race huh?? Perhaps you should be tuning into BIG LOVE tonight instead :)

Have a great night -- WITH THE WHOLE FAMILY!! :)

dinkleberries said...

lol, just so long as you know a second wife is acceptable only contingent on first wife's approval!!
Bein' as she was so not hostile, you must be takin' real good care of her!!