Saturday, July 18, 2009

All that Jazz

Good morning Scrublettes - tiz your good bud Scrubbie here.

The wife and I have often remarked that we just get the giggles when we think about where we live. Great White - yep love it. Province of Ontario - yep, love it too. But the 'lil burb where the Scrub Shack is set up permanent - love it to bits. We gots all kindsa stuff here. And, specially in the summertime. Festivals. Lots of festivals.

One of them is the Jazz Festival. Oh Baby!

Now, Scrub is genuninely superficial. Make no mistake. I dont generally spend my off hours loungin' with a pencil thin chin wrap for a beard. Nor do I go 'round sayin' "It ain't got that thing if you don't have that swing" or whatever... Nor do I hang in dark 'lil lounges smokin ciggies and sippin on cocktails takin in the latest jazz act. But - I still like the stuff. Like live performances even more.

Well -that's what this was all about. Go ahead... google it. Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival.

Oh kids - it was a grand and glorious mini date for the wife and I. We sauntered on down, plunked down a couple 'a lawn chairs. Spent 15 sheckles on a glass of vino for the wife and locally brewed wobbly pop for Scrub. And, took in the sounds. Good times.

And, among the entertainment - there was crazy rats-nest-hair lady sitting beside us. There was colour explosion lady who was wearing every single colour of the rainbow and a few colours I had never seen before. All in shades of neon. There was partially shaved head chic who was just a little too overweight to be wearin quite as little as she was. Her creepy dude friend who fancies himself a dancer but, really, should be on meds for whatever condition he has. And, blue-jacket swinger dude who was wearin this sky blue linen sportscoat that kinda looks like it came from the 1970's, and his white woven fedora hat, and his far too short banker's grey flannel slacks that were showing off too much of his white socks. This guy was on the prowl for sure.

Hmmmm - perhaps it is time to rethink where the Scrub Shack is set up permanent.

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