Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Get Ready. You Won't Believe Your Eyes.

We don't go looking. Honestly.

Greetings Scrubs. Yer good friend Scrubbie here sucking up bandwidth on the 'ol interweb.

See... the thing is... it's not like we go looking for it. By "it" - I mean freaky people. As a whole. We don't go looking for them.

They are just there.

There's been a few in Scrub's life.

The Bro-In-Law, JR - ya'll remember him, right? Dashingly good looking, golf fiend, daddy and hubby, medicated. Yep - him. JR - he pointed out, just the other day, that there does seem to be a preponderance of peeps that pop up like gophers every now and then around Scrub.

Examples can be found in - oh... Naked Guy at the gym. Who, as you recall, likes to be all free-willy when asking about Thanksgiving dinners and weekend plans with total strangers. And then there is Duct Tape Trunk Guy - oh, Scrub doesn't like that Duct Tape Trunk Guy. And what about Creepy Photo Guy with the telephoto lens at the beach just last weekend? They're out there. Ya just gotta open yer eyes. They're out there.

Well - brace yourselves kids. Allow me to introduce you to BBB.

See - The wife and me took the kid and Hurricane's eldest D out t'other day for an afternoon adventure.

To kick things off - we grabbed ourselves some sammies (or sandwiches) (or sang-widges if you are our good friend Hurricane) (who also cant say the word ambulance - it comes out "ambleeance") (which - by the way - is hysterical) (even more hysterical if you've been dippin into the Crown Royal).

So - we grabbed our sammies and fired up the go-kart and took off to a local park. Beautiful park. Right in the heart of the city. Love it there.

And, we plunked ourselves down to enjoy our sammies. In front of us there - in the field - was a group of fellas enjoyin an afternoon Cricket match. So far so good. Loving fam, sammies, diet Coke, Cricket, sunshine, warm beautiful day, green grass - yep - so far so good.

So - while we're enjoyin our sammies - the Cricket match hits the half way mark and the fellas step off to enjoy a bit of down time.

Then... BBB.

BBB - we see him in the distance.

The wife - first to notice. "What is THAT" she says.

Scrub turns - "What the hell?" Scrub says.

The kid and D - equally gobsmacked.

I think it's great - gettin out to enjoy the nice weather.

After all - here in the Great White - there are a whole buncha months where we are locked up tight in our igloos for fear of turnin into Canuck-sicles in the freezing cold.




Just out there - throwing a baseball from one side of the field to t'other.

Then running after it. Kinda like we do with the lunatic dog.


Yes kids. BBB.

Oh - and BBB - short for Burgundy Boxer Briefs.

You probably figured that out by now.

Now - go and enjoy your coffee.

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