Monday, August 3, 2009

A Little Help Please

It's mid morning in the Great White. And Scrub needs a little help.

Morning Boys & Girls. Scrub here again.

So, last evening, the kid, Hurricane's eldest, D and the kid's punk pal Bobby all crashed at the Scrub Shack.

Here, they are scarfing down a manly breakfast of sausage, eggs, toast, yogurt, orange juice - ya know.

The wife - upstairs. Dollin' herself up.

Here's the situation: Today is a holiday 'round here. Makes for a nice long weekend in the middle of the summer season. Nice eh?

So - in keeping with a holiday and long weekend... there are a host of things that could happen.

The wife - something heritage-ish. There's an Ice Cream Festival in a local burb. People dressed in old world clothing. Lots of demos and displays of life in the 30's. Vendors (of course). And, Ice Cream. Prepared in the old fashioned way. And flavoured not with the trappings and tastes of Y2K. But, rather, with hints of flora found here and there. Personally - sounds like a peachey idea.

The kid and his punk brat pals - ummmm... not so much. They are requesting an afternoon at the local fun park. When asked why they want to go there so much rather than spending some quality time with the folks - the response, from these three teenage, hormonal, voice cracky boys was a resounding: "Scrub - ummmm... Dandylion ice cream or girls swimming... let me think".

Please bow your head in prayer with me.

God - Your old pal Scrubbie here. God - give me the strength to deal with teenage boys and their mothers. Enough said. Thanks God. You 'da man.

Ok - Scrub's back.

Thanks folks. 'Preciate your thoughts and best wishes.

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