Friday, August 7, 2009

Joseph Schneider Haus

"Dad... I wouldn't mind living like that for a couple of hours - just for fun. But I wouldn't want to live like that forever. No video games."

Howdy boys & girls - yer old pal Scrubbie here.

So - ya'll recall t'other day, the wife and Scrub packed up the kid and his punk pal, (who, by the way is also Hurricane's eldest) and we all went out for an afternoon adventure.

Well - here's a couple 'a pics from that day.

Ya know... as an old fart, Scrub'd like to think that takin a little time to drag the brats to somethin like this would offer up a different perspective on things. Give them insight. Teach them somethin new. They'd walk away with a deep appreciation for all they have today - all them modern conveniences and luxuries. Then, later at home, they'd come to their parents and say things like "Good morning Mother. After I am done my chores this morning, may I help father outside?" or "Father - I was thinking that I am very grateful for everything you and mother do for me. Gosh darn it - I am a lucky boy."

Huh? What's that? Why... yes, I do smoke crack. Why do you ask?

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