Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hey Honey! Look! Somethin' shiny!!!

" I see dead people"

Evening Scrubs and Scrubettes - it's yer 'ol pal Scrubbie here on a Saturday evenin'. Howz it goin?

Whoosh - Scrub is just back from another evening at Oktoberfest. This time, Scrub was hangin' at a real, honest to goodness fest hall. The Schwaben Club in Kitchener. Goodness, gracious boys & girls - it was a hoppin' place tonight. While there, was treated to some traditional German folk dancing and all. Also got entertained by a phenomenal band. Lots of beer steins. *giggle. Good times. Tonight - wraps up Oktoberfest for another year. Gotta put away the sauerkraut and sausages for another 356 days.

Sooooo - I see dead people. Well, not really. I'll let ya in on a little secret though. Scrub is a wee bit sensitive when it comes to stuff like that. Some of the friends and fam are already aware of this. Not a big deal.

But - reason I mention it is cause there is one person in Scrubs fam that Scrub is particularly "sensitive" to. It's my dear Auntie Jen. Love the 'ol dear to bits. There she is - just to the left there. With the Wife. In the pic. See?

But - me and Auntie Jen - we have this tendancy to feel what the other is feeling. No kidding.

If Auntie Jen bangs her elbow, I feel it. If I twist my ankle, Auntie Jen calls to tell me her ankle hurts. Freaky - yes. Funny - sometimes. Annoying - ya, pretty much.

It's been like this for years. Drives us both nuts. Everytime there is unexplained pain... the phone rings.

Ok - quick change of topic.

The Wife has control of the TV right now. She's got the remote. This saddens me. See... just this very moment - the Wife had the guide thingy that tells what's on and when. Ya know what I'm talkin about? So - I glance up on the screen. The following very short conversation ensued:
Scrub: "ooooo - Predator!"
Wife: "ooooo - Project Runway"
We are now watching Project Runway. *sigh

Gonna have to distract her and snatch the remote.

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